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Sunday, May 30 2010

Rabbits 5

More red rabbit pictures ^^

Tuesday, April 20 2010

Instant Bit

Today nothing created by me, but some advertising for this Wonderful website.

It is called "インスタント★ビットor Instant Bit.

It is all in Japanese,it presents photos of original Pinkys, custo, and very nice piece of art.
In particular, a very cute (unfortunately incomplete) list of icons.

Here is the list of the pinky I have (plus 2 or 3 more and a few parts bought separately in a shop in Akiba), from the icon of this website.

And my current wishlist.

That's all for today !

またね (Mata ne) !

Monday, April 19 2010

Rabbits 4

Friday, February 19 2010

Rabbits 2

And now ... the second photo !!!

Sunday, February 14 2010


Yes I know ..

I should post photos more often.
Here is the first photo of a Raving Rabbits series.
With Pinky:Street of course :)

Sunday, November 1 2009

Tohru Honda

I found her really lovely, so I had to show how she looks like in her original outfits.

By the way, I forgot to mention, that if you want to see the photos larger, you can just click on the images. Then you go to my DA webpage, and you have access to full size !!

So please **Click** !!


Je la trouve adorable, il me fallait donc vous la montrer dans leurs vétêment d'origines.

Au fait, j'ai oublié de mentionner que pour voir les photos en plus grand, il vous suffit de cliquer sur les images. Et là, vous arrivez directement sur ma page DA et avez accès à l'image en grand !

Alors, **Cliquez** svp !!

Saturday, October 31 2009

Yukata - Last photo of the series

The last photo of the Yukata series is the cute Tohru Honda !! This lovely character from Fruit Basket has its own Pinky Street doll.

This is not original clothes from Tohru, but she just look so cute in this yukata !

Dernière photo de la série des Yukatas, la mignonte Tohru Honda !! Ce charmant personnage du manga Fruit Basket a sa propre poupée Pinky Street.

Ce ne sont pas les vétements originaux de Tohru, mais le yukata lui va si bien !

Wednesday, October 28 2009

Yukata, again

Yukata series - 3 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART
Yukata series - 4 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART

If anyone can see twice the images, please tell me :)


More photos from this Yukata series, taken a long time ago.

All 3 Yukata girls with original outfits and original accessories :)

Wednesday, October 7 2009

More Yukata

Yukata serie - 1 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART
Yukata series - 2 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART
Même combat, deux images qui ne vont pas s'afficher correctement


Friday, September 18 2009

Let's put some photos

Still undecided on the language, so I guess I will just put some photos for now :D

The blabla will come later ...

Here are more photos about the Yukata session I did some time ago !

Yukata series - 6 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART
Yukata series - 5 by ~kaminoringo on deviantART

I guess that the javascript thing may not work again
(can you give me feedback on that, oh, hypothetic reader ?)
so here are also the images, directly embeded ..
and please go and see them larger by clicking on the non-working thingy above !